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il testo della canzone di Morgan e Asia Argento che hanno eseguito nell'ultima puntata di X Factor 5 il 5 gennaio 2012



Demise is my new daydream
despise is killing me
I’d rather be ruined
than live all these things

I’d rather go down
than stare at your frown
shadows in my soul
drain into the rain
I lived for an instant
a flash in the distance
lie after lie
year after year
dethached and unreal
my will disappeared
I used to be bright
before it went black
please don’t disturb me
don’t try and involve me
I'm happy being numb with my indifference
stuck in a tragic sitcom
dreaming someone else's dream
I’m acting out a script
That doesn’t mean
A shit to me
Sleep is the only despite
Decline is never gradual
nothing else for me to see
my own very special way to be
before my own eyes
my life disappears
one cell at a time
as slow as can be
please don’t disturb me
don’t try and involve me
I’m happy being numb with my indifference
In love with my indifference
it’s cute to be indifferent
we all should be indifferent
like mom and dad
no tragedy no irony indifference
sincerity is vanity indifference
no tragedy no irony indifference.

Si ringrazia: Asia Argento per averci fornito il testo



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- Traduzione Testo di "Indifference": "Indifferenza"

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